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♦  What is Insurance?

  • Insurance is the process of ‘Transfer of Risk’ from customer to Insurance Company by paying a Premium. A car insurance option promises the customer complete ‘Peace of Mind’ MARUTI INSURANCE is a one stop shop for all car insurance needs.

  • Maruti Insurance Partners

    • Maruti Insurance has tied up with 2 PSU’s and 4 private companies to provide comprehensive insurance cover for Maruti Cars

    • Public Sector Companies

      • National Insurance Company Limited

      • New India Assurance Company Limited

    • Private Sector Companies

        • Bajaj Allianz

        • Royal Sundaram

        • IFFCO-Tokio

        • ICICI Lombard


♦  Benefits to Customers

  • Ensures quality repairs with genuine spare parts and trained technicians.

  • Customers are offered near cash-less claim repairs.

  • All transactions are fair & transparent according to the tariff & agreed terms and conditions.

  • One more added advantage to Maruti Customers is being able to renew their insurance policy online.

  • To make insurance renewal easy and convenient for customers Maruti Suzuki has launched the Online Maruti Renewal Insurance “OMRI” facility.

  • A customer can renew his/her policies from his/her home, office, etc. in 5 easy steps.

  • Claims can be made at all dealerships in the country.

  • In case of accident, the customer only needs to contact the dealer.

  • All the post- accident related activities, which include informing the insurance company, appointment of surveyor, repair estimate, assessment, initiation of repairs, claim settlement would be later taken care by the service Centre.


♦  Zero Depreciation Policy

  • We now have a special option of Zero Dep. Cover in Maruti Insurance policy which offers you complete peace of mind, check trelli store.

  • At the time of a claim on a normal policy you have to bear depreciation charge – it is 50% on plastic parts and upto 50% on Metal parts depending upon the age of the vehicle. This is a significant amount and sometimes runs in thousands.

  • With this Zero Dep. Policy you are completely free from all such charges.

  • Another thing, you cannot add it at a later stage. Either you go for it now or next option is only at the time of renewal. Also, you can go for it only till your vehicle is 30 months old.

  • We have customers who did not opt for it initially and wanted to pay even double the premium to buy it when there was a claim. But unfortunately it is not permitted in between like other endorsements.

  • With Zero Dep. Policy you are fully covered – only policy excess and small charges for Consumables would be payable which is mandatory as per tariff.

  • We would therefore strongly recommend you go for Zero Dep. Policy.


♦  Eligibility for Availing Maruti Insurance

  • Only Maruti Vehicles can be insured.

  • Vehicles should not be more than 7 years old at the

  • Once insured under M I their renewal can be done throughout the life of the vehicle.


♦  Renewal of Policies

Please call us to renew your policies with us.

Please Contact Us :

Ph. No : 9995801615 / 9746476507

Email : (to have a hassle free online renewal, send your details such as Car Registration No, Contact No and Policy No).

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