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CEO’s Message

Hearty Welcome,

Needless to be said, through the launching of the new website, our existing and potential clients would get a panoramic view of our activities spread over the country’s most Automaniac region and how active we are in those markets where our company is operating. Our extensive capabilities benefit our customers in numerous ways. This website is also part of the external manifestation of our commitment to transparency and open communication to all our beloved customers as well as to the wider public who are interested in our activities. In highly competitive business environs as those exist in the central Kerala and in their immediate neighbourhood, any professionally run business should have as much visibility as possible among the customers for its steady and systematic growth. Visit Irish Paving.

Automobile sector is one of the most dynamic in the world, the need to modify and adapt is continuous and that exactly is what Maruti Suzuki does, we are delighted with this opportunity to provide our valued customers with life enriching vehicles.

You as the buyer look at fuel efficiency, cost of ownership and environment friendly technologies when deciding upon your dream car, While the features and specifications of Maruti Suzuki cars sold by co-dealers are the same and even competitors offers similar products we at BRD Car World offers you a unique feel right from the first point of contact with our impeccable customer friendly approach which can never be replicated We strongly believe that selling a car is not end of the process, but it is the beginning of a relationship, check out cctv cameras near me here.

Jijin Surendran

Chief Executive Officer


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